Another take on the classic Bomberman game including procedurally generated levels with increasing difficulty. Destroy all the enemies, find the key and escape through the portal... just to encounter even more enemies and an even more elaborate labyrinth!

This is a project that allows me to learn game development and Unity in particular. If you have ideas for features, encounter bugs,  or have any other comments please let me know in the comments.


Up/Down/Left/Right - Move Bomber

Space - Plant bomb

Enter - Trigger bomb (if Manual Trigger equipped)

Esc - Quit to Title Screen

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Made withUnity, GIMP
Tags2D, bomberman, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes


Download 35 MB
Version 5 Jan 26, 2019
Download 18 MB
Version 5 Jan 26, 2019
Download 6 MB

Development log


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Nice. The text is a bit busy, especial on the game over screen. I love the old school vibe, though. Good ol bomberman in space, lol.

Thank you for your comment. You are right I don't like the game over screen either ;) Part of it is because I don't know UI design, part of it is because of the font being sometimes unreadable. It's OK for single letters or numbers but not for huge chunks of text. That's why I posted on gamdevhq asking if it's possible to bulk change the font.